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This is my Book, LEWIS FURR.


Still in progress
Copyright 2004,2005,2006, 2007 (C)
This Cannot be copied, edited, or used in anyway without my written and expressed consent.

This portion of the book you are reading is about the first 10-15 minutes of a movie.
This will be a fairly long novel.

I am looking for as much feedback as possible.

Please do not be shy I am not afraid of rude, crude or even horrible feedback.
All I ask is that this be your HONEST opinion, or suggestion.

Thank you
Please Enjoy.


"A loud, deep moan, turned to a high-pitched scream, followed by another. In absolute darkness I feel compressed and contorted, pressure all around me; top, bottom, head, and even at my feet. Such pain has never been known to this body. Yet I love it. It is arousing. Again a deep moan and loud scream, from where I am not sure, it sounds muffled, as through fluid, Ambient. The pressure is worse now. I can barely take it. I finally begin to see some light, it seems to be from on top of me, it is white, unlike the light I have been used to for so long. But the pressure, I can hardly take. The screaming is all I can stand, I hear others now, talking, yelling, not sure from where, it seems to be all around me. I am fearful yet ecstatic. I can feel an adrenaline rush going through my veins, like cocaine, it calms me, muting my lust for the worlds torture."


Lights flickering in the hospital, sounds of static all in the air, streaming through the lights and switches, like a Tesla coil. Thunder and lighting crashing loudly amongst the many windows. Through them the air seems almost alive, the normal city landscape is covered by a rusted blueish hue, through the dense rain. An aura no one has seen before. Everyone is nervous, people trying to work, doing there best, many attitudes, and frustrations. Fear is all around.
A loud "BANG!" in the back of the room.
"What was that, nurse?!" Dr. Stein asked.
"It was the radio. It just blew up."
"It must have shorted out"She replied with short breath as the fear struck through her Body.
"Lets unplug all the unnecessary equipment!" The Dr. ordered abruptly
"Right away!" the staff replied
"Never mind. This woman needs our attention now. Hurry we are losing her." The Dr. says in one deep fearful breath.


"Finally, the screams have stopped, but the other voices, are louder now. I feel an energy that is all around me. Now I am completely aroused. I wish I new where I was, even who I am is a blur. I am not sure of anything other than I need to get out of here. The light is gone now, again total darkness. I feel something, something sneaking into my veins, slowly. I am getting tired now. I must sleep, finally the pressure is subsiding, the pain is beginning to release. I am dreary. I must fight this. I have to stay awake. What is happening? It doesn’t matter, my soul seems to allow me no fear. So I must be okay, I like the unknown, I feel deep inside whatever this is, I will own it and control it. But now I must sleep...mus....eeppp.."


"You’re going to be okay, Miss. Furr!""We are taking good care of you." Dr. Stein continues
"We are going to have to operate, but you will be fine, good night now."
She drifts asleep. The nurses and doctors work frantically to hurry this operation for fear that they may loose power, due to the unnatural weather, that seems to affect the city this night. Lights are still blinking on and off. The static charged air, is a fear, in a room full of metal and plastics.
The doctor mentions vaguely "I haven’t operated like this since the gulf war."
The accompanying Doctor, and nurses, understood. Rarely if ever, have they had to work in these conditions. Many had never practiced outside of the city, and few outside this hospital. They were all afraid, yet determined.


"Ugh, what is going on? I can feel myself being pulled back by hands the size of my chest. I am still weak but okay. I try to shake my head, then all of the sudden I hear a squishy POP! Like a hoof pulling out of the mud. Ouch! The light is so bright, what is going on? I hear a suction sound it is getting louder and I am getting a little more nervous, still doped feeling I am unable to move, I feel heavy and solid. I feel my skin, being sucked from my face, a tube inserted into my mouth. I gasp loudly. The air burns my lungs as they inflate. Then it all hits me this is the first time I have breathed air in this world for more than two thousand years. The last time I felt the inflation of my lungs, on this earth, was the second the first drop of blood hit the ground from the man on the cross known as JESUS."


As the child is pulled from the womb the lights explode, and the double pained windows shatter. It is an eerie feeling. A rustling of the blinds as the torrent winds shake them loose.
The Doctor yells "Move to the hall. Move quickly, and protect the mother and child."
A piece of glass flies through the air stabbing the mother just below the heart. Glass, is flying around, the backs of the staff have become pelted by shrapnel, and shards of glass. They race toward the door, pulling it behind them. As the nurse turns to look at the ravaged room, a piece of glass like an icicle flies through the air and lodges into her eye. She drops, suddenly. It is over for her. Dr. Stein pulls her into the hall, and locks the door. They leave her at its step, to tend to the lady and child. Feeling ashamed, but knowing there is nothing that can be done. God is with her now.
They tend to the woman who is badly damaged, and soon to expire. They remove the glass from her chest and connect battery operated machines to her. They are afraid to enter another room. The elevators are not working and the remaining staff has left the floor, they are all alone. Just two men two women, a mother and child, and now a fresh corpse.
The rain has seemed to escalate. As they are working one of the nurses sees water pouring out under the door, mixing with the blood of the deceased nurse. This is not good she thinks to herself. But she maintains her duties in silence. She is fearful, and new, and does not want to look like she is unable to handle anything thrown at her. Although She is weak inside, no one would ever know it. Ever.
Dr. Stein is working diligently to finish Miss Furrs, sutures. After completion, he hurries toward the child to tend his need. The child seems to be in perfect health, not a scratch, bruise or any inclination of disaster. He seemed to be as healthy as a six-month-old baby. Unsure, the doctor continues to examine the baby, noticing only a small pattern behind the babies ear. He thought nothing of it and moved onto the mother again. Soon she will be coming out of anesthesia. He hopes for her, praying to Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun God, that she is okay, and that evil spirits would leave her. Not knowing what else to do, he sits with her till she awakens.
Down the hall, as Dr. Stein prays, the baby seems to smile in a sinister and absolute way. One of the nurses, named Lou, says "This storm and this child are not sanctified." As the last breathe of air reverberated her lips the child look at her, and her heart stopped. She fell to floor, as a bolt of lightning shot through the window and down the hall right into her. Terrified the other nurse Miko, ran to assist. But, it was to late. Lou the new nurse was dead.
Miko watched after the mother and child. Everyone still terrified, about the unrelenting storm, and the deaths that it had seemed to cause.
The mother awakens slowly, groggily she asks "Help!", "I am in pain, It hurts" she softly cries out, weakened by all the trauma.
Dr. Stein, gets up from her Side, and is his broken English, tries to talk to her. Telling her "Everything is going to be all right. You are safe now, just relax." He explains to her. "You came in barely conscience, you where in labor, it became necessary to do a cesarean, a C-section. There is a huge storm outside that has caused many complications but you and your baby are okay. But you must relax. And get some rest."
It was hard to understand him through his strong Asian accent, for she was a woman in her early thirties, from a small town in Idaho
She looked up at him and quietly said, "let me explain myself, I have been outcast due to my baby. I was married once, but my husband had died eight years ago, and I have not been remarried. This was not allowed by the church of my town. So I came here, with my inheritance." "Dr. Can I ask you a question?"
"Of course" He replied
"How is it possible to be with child, with no husband?" She whispered
"What do you mean?" He inquired astonished.
She fell asleep as he was talking. He was not sure what to think, and even more unsure why she did not ask how her child was doing. He was unsure about the life of this child. He was afraid it would lead a life like his. One that he hated. "In him I see myself, alone. No father, and the constant reminder of being a drain on the mother’s family. Poor bastard child." Dr. Stein thought to himself.


"Finally, I am free. I can walk again amongst the forbidden land. I am weak now, but as time goes by, I will develop all I need. This body is human but my soul is eternal. Time is of no consequence, eternity I have waited, close, came I, on the mount of Golgotha. It is now my turn to preponderate over this world. The world will know me, and I it. Its people will love me, I will rule at the seat of the entity against me and all will bow down to me at there own demise. But non will know, to them I am their provider, the giver of life, the new alpha and omega. They will believe I was resurrected. True this is, however, deceitful in that whom they believe I am, is their savior. Soon, they will know my true name."


In the Holy See, The Pope, proclaims from his window in the study, "Sunday Mass is not an imposition but a joy and need for Catholics."
The Pope continues to press issues, such as anti abortion, the use of birth control, and homosexuality, the same issues of his recent predecessor, Pope John Paul II, Saying that these atrocities will lead to the destruction of the Christian faith, by placing a void inside the church of parishioners and future clergy. In short if we have no children, there will be no one to replace us and hold onto our most sacred traditions, and truths.
The Pope is determined to regain the conservative nature of the Holy Church, and return it back to full power. He plans not to be as public as his predecessor, but represent the Church, by his actions, being less of a showmen and more of a representative of divinity.
He begins his crusade softly, like a soft shadow going unnoticed, he is determined to return Iron fisted rule to the papacy. In his heart he feels this is the best way to preserve his faith. The faith he believes rules both this world and the next. Without conservatism all will be lost on the liberal deceit that has reined over the church and its lands for centuries.
So it begins, the new church, one that will soon promote, marriage and large families, and the need for added life. No longer will it tolerate in abolition of life. Or even the thought of preventing life from entering this world. It will strive to have more members with an interest in quadrupling its census within the next ten years. With a strong foundation in the church, and a desire to please it leaders, the church and its people will be pertinacious and irrepressible.


"What a storm, I can see from my crib the lightening all around. The flickering of the lights that intermittently unilluminated. The unbelievable power that is present. It is all mine. As I lay here still unable to really move, I hear them all around me, talking about the nurses, Their souls I now own. Four more to go, not doing badly for my first day. Now I hear the two doctors coming toward me, time to shine. As the two stand over me I look at them. Not saying a word, one with Dr. Yamashita typed upon his ID card under his picture, is an ugly greyed hair man, with eyes so narrow, it is hard to believe he can see. His face is round, looks almost Chinese, yet his sir name is Japanese for "under the mountain." My gift to him, agape toward me. The other man, a more American looking man, eyes rounder, hair more brownish than black. With a few grey streaks starting to show through. He was taller yet obviously a hybrid, of Japanese and American. As his name came to view, it read Dr. Stein. It is good to be all knowing, I think to myself. I looked deep in his eyes, watched as his startled face looked back at me. In him, I saw his hatred toward men, due to his father, an American stationed in Japan, leaving his mother after the Korean war. In which his mother had to raise her son as a bastard. A life he long hated. His only source of pleasure was saving lives, which he had done since graduating top of his class at Kanazawa University, this was the first graduating class of this university in 1986, he was 32 years of age. Even him himself had the honor of joining the service, and had to learn English in the gulf assisting the American Marines in their mobile medical centers. An appointment he loved and hated. But in him, I see a special gift, one of deceit. In him I see animosities, hatred, fear, anger. Oh, this man is unstable, in him, I see trouble, to him I give the gift of HATE.


"What is wrong with this child?" Dr. Stein baulked?
"I see nothing, doctor." Dr. Yamashita spoke worriedly
"Never have I seen evil so strong as when his birth took place, it is if upon his birth hell opened up upon us. Look. I tell you. Look at the death that has come of this. This CHILD is evil" Stein said In a prayer like stance.
Hearing the commotion Nurse Miko hurried over toward the two men, leaving the mothers side.
"How can you say a child is evil, his is new born." Yamashita appealed.
Dr. Stein began the incantation, of removing evil from the room, praying to Amaterasu, to "clear this place of evil"
Upon the last word of his adoration, the sky began to darken further the rusted hue began to infiltrate through the shattered window that had been Lou’s demise. The air became heavy and still. So dense that no one could breathe. This lasted only a few minutes but was enough to cause the staff to falter toward sleep. Just before Stein could finish his prayer. They laid to rest barely alive.


"The clouds came in just in time. I thought it would be best to choke the life out of them, but I soon changed my mind. They’re where other ways to deal with this. There was more fun to be had. More creative ways, instead I think I will have them finish themselves. I lifted up my hands and ordered the recession of the asphyxiating cloud."


The air lightened. They are awakened by the cry of the mother. They all gasped.
"Where am I?" The mother asked.
"You are okay, you are in the hospital, you will be okay." Miko replied.
The doctors took to their feet. Slowly they glanced at each other, one with fear, and the other malice. They decided independently to move to separate sides of the hall. They both looked toward the child, wondering, how through all of this a baby could be so light hearted. Giggling and smiling, it was unnatural for a new born to act this way, especially, under these unique circumstances.
Miko continues to explain to Miss. Furr that she will be okay, and that the baby is doing remarkably well. And, that once the storm passes they will get the help they need and get them all out of the hospital safely.
Miss Furr injects "How is my baby, is he okay, can I see him."
Miko looks toward the doctors, as if looking for agreement. They seem not to notice and stay starring at each other. Eyes fixed, as though in mortal combat.
"You are weak now, and I think it would be best to tend to your wounds. Let them heal awhile." Miko continues "what would you like to name your child?"
The mother looks pensive and states nervously "Gabriel Lewis"
The nurse not sure what to think of her actions, documents the name on the child’s chart.
And says, "What a beautiful name"
The mother looks up nervous and says, "thank you"
The mother reaches into her bag resting on her bed, and pulls out a crucifix and reaches toward Nurse Miko,
Saying "Excuse me, Nurse." She held the cross tightly in her hand. "Where are you from? Have you always lived here?"
"No." Miko Replied "I was an exchange student in San Francisco for four years. Why do you ask?"
"No reason, you just spoke English so well, I thought maybe you from America." "I miss home, and I am deafly afraid. I don’t know what I am going to do. I have no home, and I am broke. My family has disowned me and my friends have all abandoned me. I am unsure what life will lead me next." She sobbed on "Now I have a child I am unsure who the father is or even if there is one. What am I to do?"
"Rest!" Miko whispered authoritatively.
"One last thing." The mother whispered. Reaching out her clinched hand toward the nurse. "Take this and give it to him, it is a cross of our lord and savior. It has been blessed by a bishop named Bartholomew, I met on my way here from America, it should protect him."
The nurse grabbed what she perceived to be just another American trinket from the mother, turned picked up the babies’ chart and headed toward the child.
On her way she was stopped by Dr. Stein.
"Please, No! Stay away from the child!" he exclaimed
"You are crazy. He is a Harmless Child" Yamashita returned from across the hall.
Miko looked surprised. She started to worry, but continued, thinking to herself, that this must be the paranoia people experience in storms like this.
The child was still giggling in his crib, a remarkable feet for a child of less than a day of age.
Miko reached the crib where the baby lied, and placed the chart at the foot of the bed. She opened up her hand put a finger in the necklace and let it drop straight. It hung their Shiny and vibrant glistening as though a beacon through a storm. She reaches for it with her other hand. And opened it.
The child instantly laid still, eyes affixed upon the symbol of the sacred cross. His mouth open. He seemed terrified. But did not move.
"No I tell you, STOP!" Dr. Stein orders as she leans toward the infant, the charm slowly passing over is feet then legs.
Instantly the child stretches out his hand grabs hold of the necklace rips it from Miko’s hands with the strength of an army in his grasp and flings it to his side. In which it falls to the floor and slides under the door of the storage room.
Miko looking astonished flung back starring at the child.
"I TOLD YOU!", "What where you thinking?""This child is possessed" Dr. Stein angrily proclaims
"You are crazy he is only a child""Why do you hate him so" She snapped back.
In her foolishness, she refused to be warned.
"You are a fool" Yamashita spoke under his breath. "He is just a boy, nothing more."
"I am not sure what he is, but I assure you "just a boy." is not one of them" Stein states.
Miko not wanting to get involved, heads toward the storage room to retrieve the necklace.
The lighting is picking up again, it is louder, Miko begins to twist the handle to the room, the wall lights up from the lighting piercing through the window in the room. She pulls slowly not surely why.


"How dare her, what blasphemy. To place that object of desecration upon me. My hands still burn. I can hear her entering the room. This deed shall not go unpunished. I will have my vengeance on her. Two down four more to go. It is the hour of my supper. I shall have my eternal feast starting tonight."


Miko pulls the door open she walks inside, the lights are still blinking in the static filled rooms, she is nervous but okay. As she enters, she sees silhouettes of the contents of the room, many which she recognizes, medicine bottles, sharp object containers, bio hazzard containers, Oxygen tanks, CO2 tanks. She awaits the next flash of lightning to get her next view. As she continues in the room, the door slams shut behind her, unable to see, she runs toward the door stumbling, she finds it and starts to yell. But, the thunder drowns her out. The lightening she was waiting for was now present. She was now terrified, afraid, remembering when she was a small child and her father would lock her in a closet. She was only brought out to be his toy for his own perverse pleasures. A fact that she drowned out with alcohol and morphine on a frequent basis as a young adult. But, now dealt with, with thousands of dollars of therapy, and prayer to her new found deity Buddha.
The fear was starting to take over her, she was beginning to cry, she could see her fathers face in the window, it almost stopped her heart, she was now really afraid, she could remember, how he would treat her, telling her it was her punishment for killing her mother upon birth. And had she not done what she had done, her mother would be here to satisfy his needs. It was a thought she could hardly live with for many years. Now it was only dealt with partially, by meditation and therapy, combining two religions, that of the Buddha, and that of science. A thought that would terrify, most westerners. Now though she could hear his voice. Her muscles tensed. She could feel his hand on the back of her thighs. A tear fell from her eyes, she bent over in the assumed position at which she was accustomed. She could feel the searing penetration that she hadn’t felt since she was twelve. She could feel the pounding and the skin being torn from her. She was terrified, and sobbing but knew if she made a sound it would only excite him more. Then the thunder shattered the glass in front of her. He was gone. She sat there weeping crying like never before. She could hardly breathe.
Outside the two doctors, tried frantically to open the door. They could hear her screaming faintly, even though it was just behind the door, with the storm it seemed miles away.
Miko reached for the shelf seeing the masks in front of her. She was going to try to calm down with some oxygen from one of the back up tanks in the room. She was still shaken by her vision. "It seemed so real, so now." She said to herself. She was starting to remember the last day it happened the day that she came home from school. As soon as she walked through the door, he grabbed her from behind it, pulling her toward the kitchen, tossing her upon the counter like a piece of meat. Murmuring something to the effect that, he was good at his job and how dare they fire him. But this time was not even as kind as the last. This time, he beat her, flipped her over and beat her some more, she still had a scare from where her bone had been broken away from her face. This was the last time she told herself, as he penetrated every orifice. She could feel the blood oozing down her legs from her womanhood, and from behind where no man should be, her ribs were shaken and bruised she was sure one was broken. It seemed to go on for hours, over and over she was flipped like a pancake, one side to the other, just enough to loosen it up again. The last thing she remembered was being on her back. Him between her, thrusting so devilishly it made her disgorge in his presence. Then he grabbed her by her breast and flung her toward the other side of the counter. There she saw her salvation, in front of her was her dear departed mother’s sushi knife. She grabbed it and held it close to her chest. Now she could no longer feel the pain. Her body was numb. As he grabbed her hair in his fist to turn her again, she twisted instantly thrusting the knife into his heart. The last thought he could think was to smile. Such a man should never exist. She thought. Then she hobbled to the phone called the police and was soon adopted by a member of her mothers family. They were wealthy, and took care of all her needs. They even helped to bring the healing power of forgiveness, to her life, through the knowledge of the BUDDHA. She spent the next ten years studying to become a nurse, to help the sick, to do anything but be her father.
She affixed the mask to the tank and started to take deep breaths. She began to relax as the air opened her lungs. Calming down she looked through the lightning lit room, and saw the cross. Before she could get up, she took on last deep breath in haling till her lungs where peaked, and she reached over toward the cross. As her hand touched it, she heard the baby laugh outside, she turned her head saw bolt of lightning racing toward her. She gasped overinflating her lungs. The bolt bouncing off the wet floor, struck her and burnt the cross into her hand as she looked down she felt the internal fire of the oxygen she just inhaled ignite inside her lungs. She burst into flames screamed one long scream.
All was still, the door slammed open and the child closed his eyes and rested. With a soft smile upon his face.


Dr. Stein stood up not knowing what to think. He saw the flames coming from the room, ran to help. It was too late. All he saw was a gruesome display that made his wartime efforts pale in comparison. Unsure of the safety he grabbed the fire extinguisher and expelled the conflagration, before it exploded the other tanks. The smell was awful, yet familiar he thought to himself. It seemed to smell like burned pork fat and bile. It was all he could do to stomach. Knowing his duty, he hurried about to turn off the O2 tank and shut the door, hoping not to see beyond it anymore.
"I told you!"Dr. Stein said aggressively to Yamashita.
"Impossible! How could this have anything to due with this child? He is beautiful, full of life and remarkable. Of the hundreds of babies delivered, why is this one any different? What is it in this child that I see as wonderful that you see as evil?" Yamashita questioned defensively.
"Are you blind old man? Can you not see beyond your pride, are you absent of mind? Have you ever in your life seen a storm like this one? Not even a tsunami or hurricane are as destructive, and out of nowhere it came. The hospital was full of people less than four hours ago. The skies where clear, and there was cheer all around. As soon as this woman entered into the hospital, the skies began to overtake us. We left the operating room and everyone is gone, there is a strange ambience in the air, and non of electronics are working right. We have lost now three people, and only three more are left, and that baby. I don’t know what you are waiting for. You have to admit this has got to be more than a fucking coincidence." Dr. Stein snapped.
Yamashita stood defensive saying. "This is a child, not a demon. Nature is always strange. I admit it is unusual, but this is just a child. How can this child cause all of this? The people left because of the power outage. The clouds are natures’ creation. No one must have known we where there with all the commotion of the lights and the electronics. And full of people, I doubt it. This hospital has been half staffed and unusually quiet for months now. Due to a new hospital down the highway. We all know we are short on time, as far as our jobs go here anyway. This place is soon to be torn down to be replaced with God knows what. We are stuck on this floor till the power is returned anyway. The elevators do not work. You are paranoid. You sick bastard!"
The more Yamashita talked the more Dr. Stein grew defensive. The more his hatred for him and the child grew. "How dare he talk to me that way? How dare he call me a bastard? That stupid fucking old man. How dare he? He knows nothing of my childhood. Is it possible it shows through me? I hope soon he sees the truth in what I say." He says to himself.
Dr. Stein stares at Yamashita and speaks sternly, "What the hell is wrong with you? How dare you talk to me in this manner. If this were not our place of business, I would take you here and now. You old fuck, Silence your mouth, or I shall silence it for you!"
Yamashita said calmly, "I am only saying this is a child, if he bothers you so, I will take him with me to look for a way out of here. I fear this place has caused you to feel claustrophobic. I, like you, just want to go home tonight."
Dr. Stein replies, "Good luck. That thing will be your demise." Under his breath he speaks softly just above a whisper, "Perhaps if our hospital believed in euthanasia we could solve all of our problems."
Yamashita gasped, "Excuse me. Have you gone mad? You want to kill this child?"
Yamashita yelled as picked up the child "He will stay with me, and I shall not let him die before me."


"Oops, here we go. Up in his arms, the battle has started. Trust and mistrust, so easy to gain, so easy to lose. It has begun. This is the beginning of the end for them both. Soon, they will no longer trust each other, and I can finish my contrivance. Well of we go, I wish he bounced less when he walked."


The woman starts to wake again from the yelling. She is still drugged but becoming more cognizant. She sees Yamashita walking off with her child, and Dr. Stein starring him down. She looks around seeing the ravaged hall and smelling a putrid scent that seems to be coming from behind the door. She tries to read the sign but cannot tell Japanese from a Rorschach test.
She asks "Where is he going with my child? What is he doing? Stop!"
Dr. Stein turns to speak to her. "It will be okay, just relax he went to go look for an exit."
Miss Furr, replied "why is he taking the baby?"
"He is looking for a way off of this floor. He took your child to calm him down. The baby was startled." He said unconvincingly.
The woman in her own intuition new something was up but was unsure and still to tired to do anything.


Warm from the lack of A/C Yamashita takes of his coat and sets it near the corner of the hall on a stand. He walks slowly toward the door of the stair well, turning to open it with the baby in hand. Thinking to himself, "How is this possible? I feel trapped. What is it that is going on? Dr. Stein, has lost his mind. How could he be so brash? I will have to report him. But, maybe he is okay. Or perhaps it is just this strange night. I am unsure."
"What was that?!" He says out loud
He hears a sound from around the hall. It sounds like a man praying in Latin.
The baby reached into his pocket and pulled from it a bottle of Haloperidol, an anti psychotic, that he was not aware was in his presence. He was sure he was not carrying it. The baby smiled as the man heard the praying become louder. He looked around the corner. Nothing. He looked into the stair well. Nothing. He turned around and in front of him stood a man in a black robe with a white tie. The man appeared to be in his mid to late forties, and calm. Yamashita was startled and gripped the baby tightly.
The child was now waving the bottle like a toy rattle, as if to catch the attention of Yamashita. The unknown man soon reached for the Yamashita slowly lifting his arms. Terrified Yamashita turned around to move away. In an instant the man was now on the other side of him again reaching calmly as to choke Yamashita. The baby began to laugh. Yamashita froze. He turned again to evade the man. This time there was nothing. The man seemed to vanish.
He thought to himself again, "How is this possible? What is going on?" The baby in a tempting way leaned into Yamashita as to draw his attention once again to the bottle. He turned the bottle toward himself and the label read "Haloperidol 50mg take one liquid cap every four hours as needed. Prescribed to Dr. Tanake Yamashita." The doctor gasped. Beginning to doubt his very being, the doctor decided to take the only two pills in the bottle. He swallowed them whole, mixed with saliva. He then tossed the bottle down the hall. He tried to rest and tried to calm down to protect the baby. Not hearing anything he assumed everything was going fine. He then looked down at the child in his arms, he saw nothing but a sweet innocent child. Calm and in perfect health. So he got up carefully and proceeded to go down the stair well again. He looked down and noticed the child holding another bottle, this one glass.
In a hurry to get out of the hospital he paid little attention to the child. He ran this time toward the bottom of the stair well this time making it to the door. He reached for it and pulled the handle gently. The door swung open slowly, and under it a deep purple mist began to creep from the opening. He pulled harder opening it fully and gasped. In ware was supposed to be an opening appeared to be a mirror. He saw himself but different in his reflection he was only a child barely six-years-old and naked scared all over his body, yet at the same stair case from the hospital. Yamashita stood petrified. Not knowing what to do.
Suddenly he felt the child hit him with the bottle. It was hard and cold. He looked down and to his surprise it read. "Resperidone take 6 mg once daily as prescribed by physician. Prescribed to Dr. Tanake Yamashita."There where only four pills left in this bottle. The doctor was completely confused, and unsure what to do. As he turned his head, he saw the unknown man again, he turned around and could not see him in the reflection. The mirror in the door seemed to have vanished. He saw only through the door a stair well leading back up. He turned again around and felt the mans hand upon his neck. The doctor dropped down to his knees to avoid the man. Reached down and took the bottle of pills from the child and swallowed quickly gasping for air. Instantly the man disappeared. The child in his arms smiled and laughed again. All seemed to be okay. Feeling woozy, he stumbled back down the stairs finding the door once more. Opened and saw escape. He turned to go get the others. Barely able to walk he stumbled step by step. Once he reached the top, he sat the child down on the edge of the last step. No longer able to see well, he reached for the door. Not wanting to forget the child he turned and bent down. Slipping he hit his head upon the step knocking the child down with him. His neck snapped on the last step, the child fell safely on top of him.


Suddenly Dr. Stein and the mother heard a yell and then a deep groan, they both turned their heads to look down the hall, but neither could see around the corner.
"It sounded like someone had fallen" She told the doctor.
"Perhaps it is someone looking to find us, and get us out of here. Be still I will go check." The doctor ordered.
As he walked down the hall toward the stair case, he heard a soft sucking sound in the distance. On the floor he noticed a thin splotch of blood on the edge of a step. He looked further, just a few steps down, he saw with horror, the child laying atop of Yamashita sucking a wound on his head. It had appeared as though Yamashita had fallen down the steps and broke his neck. Dr. Stein knew otherwise.
The child seemed to turn his head looking up toward Dr. Stein and smiling with blood around his lips. It appeared as though he was feasting on Yamashita.
Dr. Stein quickly and heroically grabbed the demon child and started toward the hall. The child was unhappy, spitting at him. He lay the child on a table just a few feet from the mother.
"What are you doing?" She screamed "What is all this blood"
"Your child is the pure evil, he must be destroyed" Dr. Stein said in a brash calm tone
"To hell with you!" The women said, trying to get up from her bed. "You can’t!" she exclaimed
Dr. Stein reaching for a syringe, emptying fluid from an unknown vile, and then another. The syringe was now filled with fluid. The mother looked horrified.
"No, you can’t! Stop! What are you doing?" She says as she moves toward him.
She is determined to stop him. He pulls the syringe up to make sure it is full. He moves toward the child ready to destroy the atrocity.
The mother moves closer stumbling. The doctor looks up, trying to hurry. The mother starts to falter. She falls forward, the baby smiles. She lands head hitting squarely on the corner killing her and knocking the baby to the floor. Dr. Stein is shaken, he looks down and sees the baby moving toward his dead mother. Dr. Stein rushes to catch the child as the baby turns around and looks at him again. The site is so atrocious. The doctor not knowing what to do turned the syringe on himself fell quickly to the ground. His eyes began to darken, it seemed as though the lights began to gain back their strength, and he could hear the A/C vents coming on. The static and mist dissipated the room. The last thing he heard was the baby’s laugh. Then it was over all was black.


Up the stairs a security guard ran, going level by level, looking for people trapped in the building. As he ran up to 6th floor, he started to feel nervous. He began to slow down as he made the corner in the stair well, where he saw the first body. He immediately called for support on his walky-talkie. He waited. A few more guards came to meet him. They stared, eyes wide open at the horror that lay before them. The man that lay there seemed to have had his neck snapped back. His body flat and contorted. Looking around for answers that might explain the horrific incident, he noticed that on the upper step was a blood stain and shortly behind that was scuff mark apparently from the mans shoes. He called for the EMT’s to come in and recover the body. He checked the body for identification. None was present. He looked around to see if anything may have slipped out of the mans pockets. There was nothing. The hall was completely empty except the man, blood stain and the smudge.
Looking closer at the man to try to identify him he soon realized that the man was Dr. Yamashita an anesthesiologist that worked in this hospital as well as others in this town. Seeing many dead people in his job non hit home as much as when one of his own where down. He knelt down and prayed over the man according to Christian tradition. He again picked up his walky-talky and called for a priest to come issue the last rights.
As the EMT’s arrived he ordered them to take Dr. Yamashita to the morgue. He continued up the stairs and as he pushed open the door he saw on the table before him Yamashita’s over coat. Badge attached to the shirt pocket. Wondering to himself what might have happened. He continued on his duty of securing the building.


"Here all alone, I lay and think to myself only eighty or so years to finish my quest. They will be coming soon. Today it all begins. It is amazing that through the fields of heaven I have fallen so far. Once atop, Guardian of God himself. A faithful servant I was. The men of this earth I do envy most. For their thoughts, their feelings, their actions are their own. With graceful forgiveness awarded them at the moment of a whispered apology. Yet, even to complete my task. I had to go to the almighty and ask him for permission. I say permission as though it where not my destiny. If only they new that the Lord has agreed to let me do what is about to happen. As he did Job, Cain, and Eve, as well as all the others. Then perhaps they would love me instead."


An elderly well groomed man grabs his chest. Hitting his chest firmly with an open fist. A deep thud is heard upon impact. The man turns toward an elaborate window looking out onto the ocean and the sun glistening off the waves. As he finishes his turn he leans towards a mirror. The mirror is old and simple. Does not seem to match any of the relics in the room. As the old mans eyes affix unto the reflection, his eyes roll back and his expression softens. The mirror is dear to him, it has been his all his earthly years. He starts to think, remembering his past. He begins to fall. His eyes clinch, then in mid decent they open in an epiphany.


It is morning the sun has arisen and is now peering out over the trees. The clock shows 10:00. The bed rustles . Looking into a mirror a child’s reflection becomes visible. He slides on a robe, the initials G.L.F. are embossed on the lapel.
He moves quickly thinking "Damn it right on time, as usual, divinity is such a blessing. Mass is in 30 minutes."
The boy pleasantly takes a shower, gets himself dressed and heads towards the chapel.
"Right on time as always I see." Says the Priest "Hurry now though, your friend and caretaker the Bishop will be at mass this morning. I want you to show him how well you are doing."
"Of course." The young child replies.

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